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Illegal Taxation

Legal taxpayer vs Legal non-taxpayer
There are two separate jurisdictions of the United States of America vs United States here is how they apply to us. If you were born in the United States of America (one of the 50 states) you are an American National. As an American National, not connected to a federal government office or you do not live in D.C., you have no legal obligation or mandate to file a form 1040 tax return. This means you are a legal non-taxpayer as described in the constitution. When you filed your first form 1040 tax return, you unknowingly made the election to become a legal taxpayer and be governed under the “foreign” jurisdiction. The District of Columbia (D.C.), where the IRS is headquartered, is defined in tax law to be a “foreign” jurisdiction in relation to the 50 states of the union (United States of America) and these are the only people that are legally obligated to pay Federal Income Tax under the constitution.

Topic: illegal taxation