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Important Definitions

Important Definitions

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Revocation of Election
Revoke the action of electing to opt-in to the federal taxation program. This happened when you filed your first form 1040 with the IRS. This election then changed your status to a Legal Taxpayer and you agreed to be treated and taxed as a “federal” citizen living in D.C. and no longer an American National.

State Citizen / American National
If you were born in the United States of American (50 states) or naturalized you are a State Citizen/American National. An American National or naturalized legal citizen residing within one of the 50 states of the United States of America.

Constitutional Republic
The Constitutional Republic is the same as the United States of American. Not the United States. The United States refers to the District of Columbia and its territory states, (i.e. Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, etc.), which are NOT part of the Republic Union (50 states).

Nonresident Alien
A Nonresident Alien simply means nonresident to the District of Columbia and alien to the Federal Government jurisdiction and governing laws within D.C.

Illegal Alien
An Illegal Alien refers to a Foreign National living within the Constitutional Republic illegally and may or may not possess a Green Card or Visa (not yet naturalized and not born within the United States of America).

Legal Alien
A Legal Alien is a foreign national who is permitted (Green Card, etc.) by law to be in the host country. This is a very broad category which includes permanent residents, temporary residents, and visa holders or foreign visitors. a resident alien is a person who has permission by the government to reside and work in the country.

Legal Non-Taxpayer
An American National that has never elected to join the tax club or one who has revocated from the federal government tax program.

Legal Tax Payer
A person living within the District of Columbia (D.C.) or its territories or that works for the Federal government, receives payments from the Federal government, serves as a political figure or civil servant of the Federal government.