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Pre-Questionnaire Information

We take your privacy rights seriously and we do not at any time talk or write to the IRS or any other government agency during your ROE process or sell or share your information with anyone ever. As privacy advocates, the questionnaire answers will be all the personal information we would require and need from you. Your information will be kept confidential. We do not ask for your social security number. You will add your social security number to your final customized ROE documents.

W-4 WITHHOLDINGS. If you have an employer that is withholding W-4 type deductions (income taxes) from your paychecks, in almost all cases, we can get these deductions stopped. This separate W-4 and State withholding “stoppage” process can be discussed with an associate by phone and can be done as a separate process before doing a Revocation of Election.

Getting your W-4 and state withholding amounts immediately stopped is more important to get accomplished first as doing so will effectively result in an immediate monthly “pay raise” to you, equaling the amounts presently being withheld from your pay, both state & federal.

Assistance on this subject will be provided on a fee basis to be paid after your withholding deductions have been stopped. After you receive a paycheck with no W-4 type withholdings deducted from your gross paycheck amount, then the one-time fee for this service will be due.

The ROE – There are three (3) separate copyrighted ROE documents which we will prepare and sent to you for you to send to the IRS, consisting of about forty-eight total pages. A cover letter, an AFFIDAVIT, and a supplemental document in support of your AFFIDAVIT entitled: “100 Reasons Why Certain American Nationals And State Citizens Are Not Liable For Paying A Federal Income Tax,” are all part of the 3 document ROE package.

Phone consultations (up to two hours total) concerning your ROE documents, should they be needed, is included in the customized ROE document preparation and processing cost. 

Regarding the cost of preparing your personalized ROE documents and getting your W-4 withholding deductions stopped (if applicable):

1. Our services are not FREE.

2. The fee for Revocation of Election document preparation work varies and will depend on each person’s individual tax situation and the time required to complete the document filing process with the IRS. A fee / cost quote from us for our services will be provided only after you have answered our questions above and sent your answers to us so we can get a better idea of the scope and nature of work we will have to provide to you.

In general, it is best for both husband and wife to each do an ROE (not mandatory) as each have a separate social security tax identification number with the IRS. Whether both spouses need to file a ROE depends on the income of each spouse.

After completing and submitted your ROE, you should never be contacted by the IRS for the year that you filed your ROE and all subsequent years. You will not be liable for filing Form 1040 tax returns in the future or paying individual income taxes in the future.

None of our ROE clients has ever had their ROE documents challenged or denied by the IRS. We cannot guarantee you that the IRS will not try to challenge your ROE; however, we believe an IRS challenge is highly unlikely based on our twenty-five years of experience dealing with the IRS. If your ROE legal non-taxpayer position is ever challenged, we will handle any letters of challenge from the IRS on your behalf. Since 2014, there have been no challenges from the IRS and we do not expect any IRS challenges.

Please be aware that the ROE does not resolve past year IRS disputes related to alleged taxes owed for past years when 1040 tax returns were not filed – before your ROE was filed with the IRS.

Your ROE documents will be prepared based on the receipt of the information and answers to the questions above and your payment received in advance.

Everything can be accomplished and finalized by phone and email. You will be emailed your documents, you will print out your finalized ROE documents, then send them to certain Officers within the IRS, as per our mailing instructions. Mailing instructions will be provided to you when your ROE documents are ready to be sent.