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If you meet the following criteria, you can truly be FREE from ALL federal income tax liability.

  • You must live somewhere OTHER THAN in a District or Territory of the “federal” government. In other words, you do NOT reside in (or on) any federal District, Territory, Reservation, Enclave, Fort, Magazine, or Arsenal, which is under the jurisdiction of the Congress of the United States. See Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitution of the United States of America, incorporated.
  • Your income is not directly derived from the federal government and does not come to you directly from the Treasury of the United States. (Social Security income is NOT included and is not a factor here and is not affected in any way if you do an ROE).
  • You have NO income connected with a “trade or business” within D.C. under the jurisdiction of the “federal” government in D.C.
  • You are NOT a direct employee of the federal government itself. Tax laws mainly apply to “federal” government employees, not to any other kind of government employee (state, county, city, local, etc.).
  • In order to be an eligible candidate for doing the Revocation of Election, you must:
    1. not be a federal employee/official in any capacity or be on welfare or seeking asylum.
    2. have been born in one of the 50 states of the Union or have at least one parent who was born in one of the 50 states of the Union or have been naturalized as a citizen of the republic of the United States.
    3. have made a previous “ELECTION” (keyword), meaning you filed in the past an Income Tax return (form 1040) thus “ELECTING” to be “treated like” a taxpayer.
    4. understand that the ROE documents are proprietary, confidential, and PRIVATE, not to be shared on the Internet or any social media or distributed to your mailing list, friends, associates, contacts or any local or mass market.
    5. understand the basic reasons why you are not legally liable for filing a form 1040 tax return or paying “federal” income taxes. We will provide this information to you.
    6. understand that the Revocation of Election removes you from the U.S. Individual Income Tax System (1040 form) for the present tax year and all future years but NOT prior tax years. Solutions for past years’ tax problems can be discussed as a separate matter.

If you would like to take the next step on this, you are affirming that you have read and fully agree with the above and you meet the qualifications to do an ROE. Your payment for this service will solidify this private agreement.

To take the next step, fill out the ROE questionnaire below and email your answers to us for review at no cost. Your answers will also allow us to get an overview of your personal income tax-related situation and existing tax issues needing to be resolved.


The questions below need to be answered to customize your ROE documents and to determine if doing an ROE is in your best interest. There is no obligation or cost to
you for this determination.


Questionnaire ROE
Have you read the article called "What is a ROE?" (Yes/No)
Is your name spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS on your Social Security card? (Yes/No)