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Please complete all questions below to help us determine if an ROE is in your best interest. There is no obligation for the Free Consultation and determination. If married, it is highly recommended that both you and your spouse complete the ROE questionnaire individually (not mandatory). As each person has a separate social security tax identification number and tax liability Whether both spouses need to file an ROE depends on the income of each spouse. 

If you would like to take the next step in the process, you are affirming that you have downloaded and read the eBook and watched all recommended videos in Step 1, you also meet the qualifications in Step 2. To take the next step, please complete the ROE questionnaire form below for a no cost review. Your answers will also allow us to get an overview of your personal income tax related situation and existing tax problems needing to be resolved.   
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ROE Questionnaire

Personal Information

Marital Status
I have read the eBook "How to Exit the Federal Income Tax System" and watched the recommended videos in Step 1 and read the qualifications in Step 2.
Are you qualified to be defined as an American National and send a Revocation of Election to the IRS? If YES, continue on.
Do you have the sole authority to do a ROE?